El Reducto is a Riad located in the Medina of Tetouan (Morocco) very close to the Royal Palace.

El Riad

Its building, an old Arab palace, was renovated in 1948 to become the residence of the Grand Vizier of Tetouan Sidi Ahmed Abdelkrim Haddad.

At that time, under the Spanish protectorate, Spanish elements were incorporated into its decoration, such as hydraulic tile floors and Sevillian tiles, which fortunately are nowadays in perfect condition. Its latest renovation in 2020 gives it comfort as a hotel and restaurant without losing its original features.
The hotel consists of five splendid rooms with bathroom, restaurant, cafeteria and terrace.

The restaurant specializes in Moroccan food and also has some Spanish dishes and international cuisine as well as a wide range of wines and desserts. All this will make you enjoy your stay in Tetuán.

Riad El Reducto



For a month,  El Reducto was the meeting and resting place for actors and filming crew of "El Tiempo entre Costuras".

It is a Spanish drama series of television adaptation of the homonymous novel by María Dueñas.


Here we show some of the memories of those days.

The time between seams takes place at the beginning of the 20th century. The story begins in Spain, during the Second Spanish Republic. In 1936 the military uprising provoked the Spanish Civil War, just after the departure of Sira to Morocco, where he lived (in fiction) the course of the war to its end in 1939.

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